Unreal Tournament - DM_LaserTag

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  • Level Design for Unreal Tournament

  • Creation of an 8 player deathmatch map, using BSP brushes

  • Loot and cover placement based on carefully considered flow designs

  • Set dressing using custom blueprinted materials and BSPs

Game Description:

​DM_LaserTag is an Unreal Tournament map designed for 8-10 players, set in a flashy laser tag arena.

Fight it out at high speeds, making use of wall-running, acrobatic jumps and sneak routes! 

PC (Windows)

Unreal Tournament / Unreal Engine

Unreal Blueprints

Tools used:

Unreal Tournament Editor, Sketchup


8 weeks (2016)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Project delivered to teaching staff

Creating an Unreal Tournament map:

As part of a school assignment, I spent 8 weeks designing and creating an 8-player level for Unreal Tournament. Although I had played a lot of first-person shooters before, UT was not one of them. This meant I started with an extensive research stage to learn the ins and outs of the game, both as a player and as a developer.


After researching the game's mechanics, metrics, level design and pickup placement of existing maps, I ended up gaining quite a deep understanding and even became a fairly proficient player in the online mode. 

Using this newly gained knowledge I defined a theme, metrics and flow design for my own level and got to the actual in-engine creation, play testing, and iteration phase, which is what I spent the rest of my time on this project doing. 

Tasks included:

  • Researching the existing UT game and official maps

  • Setting up metrics for the level geometry, pickups, and player spawns

  • Creating design documentation

  • Designing and creating the whitebox level in the Unreal Tournament editor

  • Texturing, set dressing, and lighting the level

  • Hosting play tests and iterating on the map


Gameplay setup: pickup placement, spawns, etc (school documentation) @


Research Document: Unreal Tournament and Nerf Arena Blast (school documentation) @