Internship - Retro Rockets

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  • Technical Design on a 3vs1 Online Multiplayer game

  • Responsible for Interactable Objects, Combat, and button prompts

  • Designing & working out game systems

  • Implementation of new game systems and mechanics (UE4 Blueprints) 

  • Bug Fixing and improving existing systems of the game

Game Description:

Retro Rockets is a retro-future multiplayer game where you hunt Retronauts and de-orbit space stations as Destructo! Or play as the Retronauts and work together and defend against Destructo by enabling the security systems that will make the killer robot rest in pieces.

PC (Steam)

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Blueprints (C++)

Tools used:

Unreal Editor, Tortoise SVN


5 month internship (Sep 2018 - Feb 2019)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Available for purchase on Steam

  • Project Completed

During my internship, my tasks included:

  • Designing interactable environment objects, pitching for approval, creating and implementing them 

    • Vending Machine​

    • Healing core

    • Team interaction objects (ended up being just the battery insertion)

    • Proximity audio objects

  • Improving the combat system, specifically the stab sequence. I added:

    • Quick Time Events 

    • Retronaut Struggle & Escape system

    • Many Bug Fixes and a complete rework of the Stab system 

  • Creating a flexible Button Prompt system for use on interactive popups and QTEs throughout the game

  • Sound design/implementation for all the systems I created

Technical Design - Environmental Interactables

Technical Design / Environmental Interactables

One of the first tasks given to me during my internship was to come up with concepts for interactable environment objects, using any of the already existing art assets. Some challenges were:

  • Added mechanics should fit the game vision and work well with the already existing gameplay

  • Objects should add interesting Multiplayer dynamics

  • The added mechanics should be well-balanced for all 3 player characters (Destructo, Retronaut, Securobot)

  • Scope should be very small (<2 weeks dev time)


 My process included brainstorming with another Technical Designer, performing pitch presentations, creating design documentation, creating the game mechanics in UE4 Blueprints, and implementing the objects in the level. 

The objects I eventually ended up creating were: Healing Core, Magnets, Vending Machine and Proximity Audio

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Image: Healing Core interactable

Level Design - Environmental Interactables

Images: Placement of interactables in the level

Technical Design - Struggle & Escape System

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Technical Design / Struggle & Escape System

With the goal of fixing a sitting duck scenario in the game, I pitched, designed, and implemented a struggle & escape system that Retronauts can use when stabbed:

  • When stabbed, a Retronaut has time to decide whether to struggle, call for help, or do nothing

  • Any action performed uses up stamina (struggle time)

  • Succesfully escaping causes a temporary speed buff on the Retronaut and temporary stun and debuff on Destructo

  • Succesfully escaping also causes a permanent stamina debuff on the Retronaut (lower max stamina, resulting in more difficult stamina actions such as sprinting or repairing)

  • Failing an escape results in an instant death


  • Retronaut can only escape 2 times before the struggle option gets locked

  • Struggle sequence is more difficult if Destructo uses back stab or charge stab

  • Struggle sequence is more difficult if the Retronaut has less stamina when stabbed


Technical Design - Button Prompt System

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Technical Design / Button prompt system

I created a quite flexible button prompt system, which is used in a variety of places throughout the game, such as within the Quick-Time Events and any of the hint buttons that show up for interactions and examine messages.


The button prompt system makes use of the Unreal data tables and a custom UMG Widget I created. It supports showing keyboard/mouse as well as xbox 360 buttons.

The image below shows the button prompt being used for various interactions.


Technical Design - Bug Fixes

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Technical Design / Stab bug fixes & refactors

I solved the following major bugs in the stab sequence during my internship

  • Destructo falling through floor when stabbing in elevator

  • Retronaut being stuck inside geometry when stabbed while on raised platform or object 

  • Destructo being able to keep stabbing while stunned

  • Camera of Retronaut getting stuck when Destructo is stunned right after commencing stab

  • Retronaut and Destructo being stuck in the air when stabbing in-air or on an elevator

  • Various networking/replication problems in the stab sequence


Technical Design - Documentation