Flare - the Space Exploration RPG

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  • Technical Design, Team Lead & Producer on a a space exploration game

  • Open World Level Design & Planet Biome Creation, using procedural generation tools provided by the programmers

  • Gameplay programming (C#)

  • UI Design & Implementation

  • Animation, using Unity's in-built systems

Game Description:

​Flare is an hommage to the Retro RPG game "StarFlight". This game has the player explore a procedurally generated universe, drilling resources and selling them to buy precious things such as fuel and ship upgrades. 

PC (Windows)


C# (Unity)

Tools used:

Unity, Visual Studio


8 weeks (2015-2016)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Project delivered to teaching staff

Design & Production:

Flare was the first game project I worked on in a team setting at NHTV Breda University, and without much training I was already tasked with being one of two designers as well as team lead and producer for our team.

Due to this being our first project, we still had a lot of lessons to learn regarding scope, and this resulted in me having to cut most of our original concept throughout development. In the end, we did manage to deliver a working prototype of the core gameloop, involving planet exploration, drilling resources, and selling them in the marketplace to buy upgrades.

Tasks included:

  • Initial concepting & systems design

  • Narrative design

  • Level Design / whiteboxing / set dressing of the spaceship

  • Designing and implementing all of the game's UI and menus 

  • Implementation of various features and animations in Unity C#

  • World design and gameplay balancing with procedural tools made by our programmers