AGR - Anti-Grav Racing

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  • Level Design Lead  on a local multiplayer racing game

  • Design and creation of a 4-player race track, using Maya and a Houdini plugin

  • Leading the World Creation feature team and overseeing the process of art creation and set dressing for the race track

  • Prop placement on and alongside the race track

Game Description:

AGR is a custom engine project made in my second year at NHTV. Inspired by popular titles such as Wipeout and Redout, this game has the player participate in high speed anti-gravity races on various locations.

PC (Windows), PS4

Custom, Student-Created


Tools used:

Maya, Houdini


8 weeks (2017)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Project delivered to teaching staff

Magnitin Road:

My main responsibility during the AGR project was to design and create the Magnitin Road race track, one of the 2 tracks our game was going to be shipped with. 

Seeing as our custom-engine game did not have a proprietary level editor, I was required to create the level in Autodesk Maya, using a Houdini plugin created by one of our team members. I had never worked with a 3D modeling program before, so I had to learn the basics during my time on the project.

Tasks included:

  • World design / concepting for the various areas of the Magnitin Road race track

  • Pitching to the team and making sure all the environment artists were on board with my ideas

  • Researching similar racing games and good race track practices

  • Designing and creating the 3D model for the race track in Autodesk Maya

  • Overseeing the process of set dressing by the world environment team, and also doing some prop placement myself

  • Hosting play tests and iterating on the track

  • Creating builds of the game with the latest version of my race track