As a designer... I always put the player first and try to create fun and interesting gameplay moments,

                            even in the tiniest and seemingly irrelevant bits of design.


As a gamer...     My Steam library is far too big... some of my all-time favorite games include                                            the Fallout, Witcher and Assassin's Creed series, Counter Strike: Sourcee,

                            The Last of Us, Civilization V,  Rocksmith 2014, and Awesomenauts

As a collegue...  I love joining for drinks, events, and other fun team-building stuff

As a person...    I am easy to get along with and like to help out wherever possible. I am always                                        trying to befriend everyone (for as far as that's possible).


I'm a Technical Designer who likes to get things done, make my team proud and create something the players will hopefully enjoy. 

In my free time I love going out, playing piano/guitar or participating in sports, especially when the nice summer weather is coming up!

I am currently part of the Football club at BUAS. 


Top skills

Level Design (SP / MP)

Is there anything more fun than mapping out the space that gameplay will take place in? Level design is what  sparked my interest in game development as a whole, and has been my greatest passion every since I made my first Counter Strike map.

I love messing around with map editors, and have experience with flow design, whiteboxing, 3D modelling, and set dressing.

Technical Design

Coding is fun! My interest inlude building development tools, gameplay scripting, prototyping, and creating entire games!


  • Unreal Blueprints

  • Unity C#,

  • Valve Source SDK.

Sound Design

I play the piano and guitar in my spare time, and love doing sound design for games!


I am familiar with Scrum and its various productions tools and processes, such as:

  • Sprint planning

  • Creating & maintaining scrum boards

  • Various SVN and task management tools


Unreal Engine

Succesfully created multiple games using the Unreal Engine and its Blueprinting system.


Created several games in the Unity game engine, using C#.

Source SDK

Created several maps and minigames using the Valve Hammer editor.