Spirit Temple - 2D puzzle/platforming

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  • Technical Design, Level Design, Team lead & Producer on a singleplayer puzzle-platformer

  • Initial concepting, systems design &  puzzle design

  • Design & creation of 6 puzzle-platforming levels for the game, using modular art assets created by our team

  • Gameplay programming (C#)

Game Description:

Spirit Temple is a 2D puzzle-platforming game that has the player traverse a mysterious temple. Puzzles are physics-based, requiring the player to roll a fragile crystal ball to the end of the level without breaking it. This is done by changing its properties with the magic floor pads, such as by making it more massive, slowing it down, or shrinking it. 

PC (Windows)

Unity3D (with our own custom physics)

C# (Unity)

Tools used:

Unity, Visual Studio


8 weeks (2016)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Project delivered to teaching staff

One man army:

Being the only Designer on our project team, I was tasked with designing every aspect of the game as well as implementing most of the gameplay features in C#, as our programmers were busy creating a custom physics system (part of our project brief). I also worked as team lead, taking care of all the pitches, teacher contact and project management for our team. 

Tasks included:

  • Designing the initial game concept and performing greenlight pitches for the teaching team

  • Fully working out all systems and mechanics of the game

  • Creating 6 puzzle-platform levels using modular art assets from our team

  • Implementing most of the gameplay features in Unity C#, such as the core game loop, floor pads, menus and breakables

  • Hosting play tests and implementing feedback

  • Creating production pipelines, setting up task management, and leading a team of 5 people

  • Weekly production meetings (with producers from other teams and the teaching staff)

  • Delivering weekly builds