Game Marmalades - Tower Complex, Human Complex, God Complex

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Game Descriptions:

  1. Tower ComplexA 4-player platforming game that has players battle it out to be the first person to reach the top of the level. Players can use blocks to aid them in their climb, but only have a limited amount of them available. This means they might need some initial help from other players to achieve their goal.

  2. Human ComplexA game that pokes fun at our traditional democracy system, and can be seen as an interactive story more than anything. There are three possible endings to this game.

  3. God Complex - play as an angry god and stomp down the booming villages, using our custom created controller mat for input. 


  • Game Design & Audio on 3 different games

  • Initial concepting & design

  • Design & Creation of 3 multiplayer levels (1-4 players) for Tower Complex, using modular art assets

  • Systems Design & Balancing (Tower Complex)

  • Sound Design (Human & God Complex)

PC (Windows)

Unity3D, Unreal Engine

C# (Unity), Unreal Blueprints

Tools used:

Unity, Visual Studio, Unreal Editor,  Mixcraft 7


8 weeks total (~2.5 weeks per game)

Team size:


Current status:

  • Projects delivered to teaching staff

Video contains footage from all 3 games!

Gamejam scope:

Being one of the designers who helped create these 3 small projects in a mere 8 weeks time, there's one major thing I continuously worked on and improved my skill in: prototyping. 

Whether I was working on audio, systems design, level design or play testing, the focus was always on fast iterations and quickly finding the fun in small core concepts. 

Tasks included:

  • Designing the scoring system for God Complex

  • Sound design on God Complex and Human Complex

  • Coming up with the concept for Tower Complex

  • Working out and implementing most of the systems in Tower Complex

  • Gameplay and character balancing in Tower Complex

  • Designing multiple levels for Tower Complex

  • Hosting Play tests (all games)