As a designer... I always put the player first and try to create fun and interesting                                  gameplay moments, even in the tiniest bits of design.

As a gamer...     I am one of those people with a game library so big I'll probably                                  never have the time to play it all! I love RPG and multiplayer                                      games in general, but tend to play games of nearly any genre.

As a collegue...  I care about a nice working environment for everyone, and love                                  joining for drinks or other team-building stuff

As a person...    I am easy to get along with, flexible and understanding. I like to be
                            friends with everyone (for as far as that's possible)!


I'm a Technical Designer who likes to get things done, make my team proud and create something the players will hopefully enjoy. My code is clean, my documents are fresh and the designs I've been cooking up will surely put a smile on your face! 

In my free time I love going out, playing piano/guitar or participating in sports, especially when the nice summer weather is coming up! 

Top skills

Level Design (SP / MP)

What's more fun than mapping out the space that gameplay will take place in? To me, not much. Level design is what  sparked my interest in game development as a whole, and has been my greatest passion every since I made my first Counter Strike map.


  • First Person Shooters

  • Race Tracks

  • 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformers

  • Open World games

Technical Design

I love coding! Interest include building tools to speed up the team's workflow, doing simple gameplay scripting and prototyping, and even building entire games!


  • Unreal Blueprints

  • Unity C#,

  • Valve Source SDK.

Sound Design

I have worked on a few projects as a sound designer, and also play the piano and guitar in my spare time.


I am familiar with Scrum and its various productions tools and processes, such as:
* Sprint planning

* Creating & maintaining scrum boards

* Various SVN and task management tools


Unreal Engine

Succesfully created multiple games using the Unreal Engine and its Blueprinting system.


Succesfully created several games in the Unity game engine, using C#.

Source SDK

Succesfully created several maps and minigames using the Valve Hammer editor.

© 2019 - Goran Xaverius de Ruiter, citizen of the Netherlands.

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